Dazzle your chai times with marble platters and serving boards from Stone Essential

Dazzle your chai times with marble platters and serving boards from Stone Essential

Gorgeous marble platters and serving boards are always classy and a lovely way to add style and grace to your home, aren’t they? Be it round marble platter or marble serving dishes, they are incredibly versatile home decor elements that can be styled in many ways. In India, we have the tradition of ‘chai’ over conversations and every tea-time should be truly delightful and memorable when it is accompanied by biscuits and pakoras on gorgeous marble serving dishes.

Why Prefer Marble Serving Dishes In The Kitchen?

There are several materials to be used in the kitchen but only marble can offer you natural beauty, charm and character. Marble is a sign of luxury in any house. We can bring mother earth’s precious gift into our kitchens at a reasonable price, and preserve it for many years.

Marble is the most favourite and preferred material of designers while decorating or renovating a kitchen. It is easy to maintain, clean; resistant to heat & impact, and stain-free.

Marble Platters And Serving Boards From Stone Essential

If you believe in serving snacks and appetizers to your guests in style, you should not miss out on the opportunity of making the elegant heart marble tray or the oblong green platter from Stone Essential a part of your crockery collection.

Set dishes on the table in style and make servings of fruit, cake, or just about anything look as good and appealing to guests and family members as possible on the lotus platter or the Karla platter from Stone Essential. Undoubtedly, marble serving dishes and platters are versatile home decors and they can be styled in various ways.

Add a rustic, wild feel to your dining table spread with these natural stone Lydia platters or the white marble round maroc platter from Stone Essential. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and they give your table setup an aristocratic feel. They coordinate perfectly with Stone Essential’s French kitchen marble platter items. Because marble is a natural product, veining and colouring variations for each item is unique.

Dense and dark, Stone Essential’s oblong green platter and the green marble platter are hand-made, with each edge hand-ground and finished. Ethically sourced and sustainably hewn, these platters are a perfect backdrop for your lovely kitty party or get together.

Marble Platters And Serving Boards – How To Add Them As Décor Pieces

Let’s now take a look at smart ways to use marble platters and servings boards in your home to keep things organized and attractive.

  • In your bath

Having a round marble platter in the bathroom is a great way to keep all your cleansers, moisturisers, soaps and other essentials organised and in a single spot. It prevents things from creating clutter on counters and makes it easy to reach for exactly what you’re looking for.

  • Embellish your bedroom

A large marble platter in the bedroom holds anything and everything. Flowers, lights, candles, perfumes, photos and jewellery are just some of the things you can put in your tray to keep things both organised and looking good.

  • Make your dining table stand out

Using marble serving dishes on your dining room table is a convenient way to style the table and keep things close to hand. Flowers, candles, salt and pepper shakers, napkins, glasses and other decorative items help you to add elements to the table and make it easy to move everything when it comes to cleaning up and you can easily transport things between the kitchen and eating areas.

  • French kitchen marble platter in your kitchen

A white marble serving platter in the kitchen is the perfect way to keep certain things together. The salt, turmeric, coriander belong with the other frequently used ingredients like oils, sauces, vinegar so why not keep them all together in one convenient spot? Also, it’s a great way to keep pots of indoor herbs so they’re always on hand, and you can add flavour to the food while cooking.

Be inspired by Stone Essential’s curated selection of marble platters and serving boards and turn your chai times into a fine ritual.

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